What’s Industrial Hemp For – (The Many Uses Of Hemp)

In today’s article, I would like to talk about the rise and fall of hemp in America. Also, what it could mean for the American people since the passing of the farm bill 2018, allowing hemp to be legally grown again in the U.S. What’s industrial hemp for and how can it help the United States and other countries?


I have heard a lot of mixed views from people either for or against it. Most of the arguments against hemp I have listened to is because people consider it a drug. Hemp is not a drug! My hopes, with this article, is to educate people on the many uses and benefits of hemp. And to share a few facts!



Growing Hemp In America

Hemp was first introduced to North America in the early 1600s and was used for a variety of different things such as ropes, lamp fuels, canvas sails for ships, and paper.


Moving forward to the 1700s, farmers could use hemp seeds to pay their taxes and were required by law to grow hemp. Not doing so could result in serving time in jail.


Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison all had hemp farms and grew industrial hemp. Other things hemp was used for were paints, printing inks, food, varnishes, medicines, banknotes, and textiles.


With so many possible uses of hemp, you have to ask yourselves. Why was it banned throughout the U.S. in 1937? What is the real reason because smoking hemp will not get you high, as they led everyone to believe that it was a drug?


Well, my thoughts are because it threatened to many corporations and people of power. How could they possibly compete with a plant which offered so many possibilities? So they did what they do best when threatened and made it go away through lies, propaganda, and manipulations.


So now lets fast forward to today’s world and what the passing of the 2018 farm bill could mean for the United States and other countries. What’s industrial hemp for you ask, and how can it benefit us as a nation? Let’s find out!



Hemp For Clothes

Let’s take a look at using industrial hemp for clothes and a few facts you may or may not know about.


  • By 8000 BC, people in Gordion (modern Turkey) were making hemp cloth.


  • The very first American flag handmade by Betsy Ross was made from hemp in 1776.


  • In 1889, Van Gogh painted his masterpieces on hemp canvas.


  • The oldest hemp fabric discovered is 9,000 years old.

    First hemp-weaved fabric in the World found wrapped around baby in 9,000-year-old house


Now that we have a few facts, let’s talk about the clothes being made from hemp today and how this can affect the U.S economy. Most of the hemp fabrics used to make clothes in the U.S. have been imported from China or other countries.


Since the passing of the 2018 farm bill making it legal to grow industrial hemp we no longer have to import it from other countries which can open up a lot of new jobs for not only farming but also manufacturing companies.



Hemp vs Cotton

What are some of the benefits of hemp vs. cotton?


  • Hemp requires about half the amount of water to grow than cotton.


  • Hemp can grow in various types of conditions.


  • Fewer herbicides needed.


  • Hemp needs fewer pesticides and fertilizers to grow.


  • Clothes made from hemp offer better UV protection.


  • Hemp has antibacterial properties.


  • Hemp also is used for phytoremediation, which removes toxins from the soil.


  • Clothes made from hemp also wicks moisture away from the body better than cotton, and are more durable.


  • One acre of hemp will produce as much as 2-3 acres of cotton.


Let’s talk about a few other uses of industrial hemp.



Plastic Made From Hemp

  • Did you know that one of Henry Ford’s first cars was constructed of plastic made from hemp and it also ran on hemp fuel? 


  • The plastic made from hemp was said to be ten times stronger than steel.


  • Plastic made from hemp can be manufactured to be 100% biodegradable, which would be better for our environment as a whole.


  • Hemp plastics are cheaper to produce than the plastics we currently use today and isn’t made using petroleum.



Hemp Building Materials

  • Did you know that hemp fiber was used to help construct the pyramids in 1200-BC?


We have already talked about clothes and plastics which can be made from industrial hemp. So now let’s take a look at some other applications hemp can be used for.


The nation’s first HempWood manufacturing operation, to locate in Murray

A new company which will be headquartered in Kentucky has come up with a hemp hardwood that is 20% harder than Oak. It can be used for flooring, furniture, and more.


Another good thing about hemp wood is the fact it only takes about six months to grow whereas an oak tree needs nearly six decades to mature.



What Is In Hempcrete

Hempcrete is a bio-composite made of the inner woody core of the hemp plant mixed with a lime-based binder and water.


  • Is a home built from hempcrete cheaper to build than a regular built home?


One of the first homes built from hempcrete in the U.S. was back in 2010 in Ashville North Carolina, and it cost considerably more than a traditionally made home at the time. But the hemp had to be imported from another country, adding to the higher cost.


Asheville’s “Push House” is built with Hempcrete, an eco-friendly compound of industrial hemp, hydraulic lime, and water.


With industrial hemp now being able to be grown legally in several states the cost could be cut in half or about the same as a regular home to build. What would be some of the advantages of building a house out of hempcrete?


  • Mold-resistant.
  • Bug-resistant.
  • It’s 100% recyclable.
  • Fire-resistant.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Eco-friendly.



Hemp vs Tree Paper

  • In 1776, the first two drafts of the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper.


  • In 1916 the United States Department of Agriculture reported that an acre of hemp produced as much paper as four acres of trees.


  • Hemp paper is more eco-friendly and doesn’t require bleaching, which means less harmful chemicals needed than paper made from trees.


  • Hemp only takes about six months to grow, whereas it takes trees decades.



Health Benefits Of Hemp

  • In 1425 knights drunk beer made from hemp.


  • It’s reported that 1 acre of hemp can produce more oxygen than 25 acres of forest.


  • As mentioned above, hemp can also be used for phytoremediation, which removes toxins from the soil.


CBD oils made from hemp are popping up everywhere these days it seems like everyone is trying to cash in on it. I don’t blame them because people are reporting all kinds of health benefits from using it.


I honestly sell CBD products myself, and my customers have reported to me all of the benefits they have been receiving from using the products. They feel better, and I make a little extra money on the side, so it is a win-win for me.


CBD is currently unregulated, so you need to be careful when purchasing products because you may not be getting what you paid for in other words don’t be buying CBD products from a convenience store or shady online dealers. If you do chances are you aren’t going to receive any health benefits.



If you are considering trying CBD here is a list of things to look for and avoid when purchasing products either online or anywhere else for that matter.


  • Find out where the product was made.


  • Ask for lab test results or COA (Certificate of Authentication).


  • Price is always a factor.


  • Does the company stand behind its products?


  • Always read reviews or testimonials about the products or company you are interested in purchasing from.


  • Amazon is not the place to buy CBD from they are not the best products by far.


  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified.


  • Most quality CBD oils I have come across will cost on average from $50 to $150 depending on what mg. It is.


In closing, I would like to say I barely even scratched the surface of what industrial hemp can be used for; it is no wonder it was a threat to a lot of influential people.


As always I am here to help in any way I can so if you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the section below, and I will respond promptly. I hope you enjoyed the read.


Sincerely Dale – Prospering with CBD

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Dale Odom


  1. Thank you for a perfect definition on industrial hemp and what we use for them. I also agree with you that hemp is not a drug. If hemp is a drug I also think that sugar should be categorized as a drug as well. It is interesting that everything comes down to money. If you want to find out about something just follow the money. I actually bought a tote bag that made from hemp and seriously did not know that the production cost is cheaper than cotton, what a surprise. Wao, did not know that you can make plastic from hemp, Henry Ford is a crafty guy! Thanks again for amazing fun facts 🙂

    • Hi Nuttanee, it is nice to see you again. I hope you are doing well. I agree with you that sugar should be categorized as a drug it has done so much harm to people over the years.

      Yes, it is a crying shame that everything in life it seems boils down to money, power, and greed. But at the same time, we are the ones who allow this corruption to continue by not taking back control over our governments and our lives. It makes me sad!

      Hemp is an amazing plant, and yes everything we currently use that is made of plastic can be made from biodegradable hemp.

      I agree with you, Nuttanee; Henry Ford was a very crafty and smart man.

      Warmest wishes!

      Dale – Prospering with CBD

  2. I am amazed to the wealth of information provided here. It is only now that I learned about that first car Henry Ford has built and it was built with hemp! Thanks for this article, it confirmed my friends story about hemp in the United States during the industrial era. My friend is a distributor for a CBD company and he’s recruiting me to join his company to market the products. 

    I’d like to ask, because, it seems the Philippines isn’t ready yet for this, the government has not amended its laws on hemp. If I want to market Hemp related products, will I risk getting a problem with the authorities here since there’s an ongoing war against drugs here? Any suggestion on how do I work around this thing here?

    • Hi Gomer, thank you for stopping by. Not only was the car made from hemp but also ran on hemp fuel.

      CBD is a growing market for sure, so there is money to be made with either the right CBD products or in some other form of a hemp business venture.

      Thanks for the question Gomer and I hope I can give you an answer which might be helpful. I don’t know anything about the laws in the Philippines. I do know each country and state has different rules for CBD products as to whether or not it is legal.

      The company I am with had to require a special license to ship CBD products into Canada. Canada also wanted a sample of all the different product line we sell so they could do there on lab tests before they would allow the CBD products across the border.

      Before that was done, the border patrol was seizing the CBD products.

      So to answer your question, I don’t know if you would get into a problem with the authorities yourself but the company you are thinking about joining might. Your problems might come from the people whom you are trying to sell CBD to if they aren’t able to receive their products.

      Until the laws are changed in your area and some regulations in place I am sorry I don’t have an answer for you to be able to work around this problem.

      Gomer is your friend also in the Philipines, and if so are the CBD products he’s selling making it to the customers?

      Best wishes!

      Dale – Prospering with CBD

  3. Thank you for this eye-opening article.  I knew hemp was used for various things like paper and clothing but I had no idea how many applications it really had.  The hemp car!  Really?

    It’s amazing that hemp seems to be more economical and even faster to cultivate that other resources.

    Although I like the idea of not being dependent on products produced elsewhere like China, I don’t know if hemp will compete as our labor laws and minimum wage requirements may still put us out of the running.  Still, I’d like to think we can see some made in the USA products that offer better features and quality than our current options (i.e. cotton, etc.).

    Thanks again for this.  It’s really interesting.  I kinda want to see the Ford hemp car and fuel!


    • Hi Scott, you are welcome. Anything that we currently make out of plastic can be made from hemp. I didn’t even scratch the surface of what all hemp can be used for.

      Not only is hemp faster and more economical to use, but it can help rejuvenate farming lands. Through a process called phytoremediation — a process which removes toxins and heavy metals from the soil.

      Scientists planted hemp and a few other plants in some of the areas around the Chernobyl accident to help with the removal of radiation.

      Scott, I also like the idea of not having to be dependent on other countries for things we can produce ourselves. I don’t want to get on a rant here, but fossil fuels should have been eliminated a long time ago, in my opinion.

      Best wishes!

      Dale – Prospering with CBD

  4. Hi Dale, I live and work in Colorado. I have come to learn more about cannabis, in general, than I ever expected to.

    Lately, I have been exploring whether it is worth attempting to grow industrial hemp on a small basis. As you said, it sounds like there are a lot of potential uses for it. Other things that I have read about have included animal bedding, compost, and seeds. I have farm animals – so those potential uses are all attractive to me.

    For now, while doing research, I am trying to observe the weather affects on the plants. We have lots of hail in our area and a short outside growing season. If a crop takes six months….. it may be a considerable gamble for a lot of Colorado farmers. This year, we had freezing temps well into May.

    It will be interesting to see how this all works out.

    • Hey Sondra, it is a pleasure to meet you. There are so many uses for hemp. It could open up a lot of new business opportunities; for many people, including farmers.

      Sondra, if I didn’t live in the mountains and had enough land, I would consider growing it myself. I want to offer you one more little tidbit of information you may not have come across in your research.

      Did you know our bodies naturally produce some CBD? It has been discovered in women’s breast milk.

      I don’t know about the growing season in Colorado or if the hemp is grown indoors like in a greenhouse or not, but the CBD oils I sell come out of Colorado.

      Sondra, I wish you well with whatever you decide to do.

      Warmest wishes!

      Dale – Prospering with CBD

  5. This is a fantastic article I must confess. Starting with how hemp was banned, I am surprised they banned such a useful plant; because of other companies who were scared of competition. Well, after reading through this post, I have increased my knowledge of the importance of the hemp plant. I had no idea it has so many benefits. Thanks for sharing this crucial information.

    • Hi Dane, I appreciate the compliment. It is a shame they banned hemp mostly because of greed. It always makes me mad when lies and scare tactics are used to frighten people into believing something is bad for us when, in actuality, it is often good for the people.

      Hemp has so many uses that I haven’t even begin to cover them all, which I hope to do in some up and coming articles. I am happy if you learned something from this post.

      Warmest wishes!

      Dale – Prospering with CBD

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