What Is CTFO About – Review Of Changing The Future Outcome

Hi everyone today I am going to be doing something a little different. There has been so much buzz lately all over social media and in the news about CBD oils that I thought I would start writing some reviews about the companies I have been seeing and hearing a lot about.


The first company I will be covering is one called CTFO. I will be discussing things such as what is CTFO about, and who are the owners? Are the prices comparable with other companies? What are the goals of this company and CTFO’s compensation plan?



What Is CTFO About

CTFO (Changing The Future Outcome) is a Multi-Level Marketing company which offers over 70 products, some with CBD Oils and some without, in four different categories. Health & Nutrition, Anti-aging, Weight Loss, and Pet Products.


CTFO is free to join, and they will give you a free website when you sign-up. You do not have to purchase products and then resell them unless you choose to. CTFO pays you commissions on product sales when you send someone to your site, and they buy a product.


However, they do use a pyramid business model where you can build a team if you choose too. But for you to earn any commissions off of the down line members on your team, you have to have a monthly purchase yourself of $47.47 which is not too bad if you have a health problem the CBD oil can help you alleviate.


You do not have to make a monthly purchase on anyone you personally enroll to earn a commission off of their orders; only the people they sign up. So, therefore, you could do this business and make an extra income without ever purchasing anything yourself if you have enough personal customers buying products.



The Founders Of CTFO

  • Founder: Stuart Finger

Stuart Finger is the founder of CTFO. He has owned and operated a few traditional businesses and has been a successful network marketer since 1989.


Stuart originally founded CTFO in 2015 as a weight loss company known as Chew The Fat Off which offered weight loss products and a free business opportunity.


From the best I can gather, Stuart changed the name to Changing The Future Outcome in early 2018 when he added CBD and Non-CBD products to the weight loss products.


  • Co-Founder: Steve Finger

Steve is Stuart’s brother, and he brings to the table 35 years of experience in marketing and sales. Steve has been successful in other traditional business such as Good News Roofing, a company he and his son started where he earned an A+ rating with the BBB and then sold it for a sizable profit.


Steve has a passion for MLM businesses and has enjoyed a full-time income working mostly part-time in the network marketing business model.


  • Co-Founder: Michael Kahn

Michael has owned and operated several traditional businesses and has extensive knowledge in sales. He has been self-employed his entire life and has been doing network marketing for the last 17 years.


  • Corporate Marketing Director: David D’Arcangelo

A new member recently joined the CTFO team, and some of you may recognize him, David D’Arcangelo. David was the former host of a TV show called Money Talk. He is also an author of several books an insurance expert and speaker who has shared the stage with people like Tony Robbins, and Zig Ziglar.



How Does CTFO’s Prices Compare To Other Companies

OK, let’s compare CTFO prices with other companies who sell CBD products. I am not going to try to compare all 70 products. To simplify things I will pick a 750mg to1500mg bottle of full spectrum CBD Oil with 30ml bottles.


Company Miligrams Price Guarantee
CTFO 1500mg $99.97 60 day Empty Bottle money back Guarantee
Green Roads 1500mg $209.99 30 day money back Guarantee
Charlotte”s Web 1500mg $149.99 30 day money back Guarantee
CBDISTILLERY 1000mg $60.00 No Guarantee
NuLeaf 1450mg $179.00 30 day return on unopened products.
Pure Kana 1000mg $139.00 30 day money back Guarantee
Hempworx 750mg $89.00 30 day empty bottle money back Guarantee


So as you can see the prices range from $60 to $209.99. Therefore, based on this data, I would say CTFO has comparable prices with a better guarantee. A few of these companies didn’t have a 1500mg, so I picked the highest they had.


All seven companies claim to have the highest quality CBD Oil available, and most of them are either network marketing companies or have affiliate programs. There are a lot of other companies out there so you might want to do some further research yourself.



CTFO Is A Network Marketing Company

The goals of CTFO is to be the number one distributor of CBD products in the business with the best compensation plan and products. They want to be able to Change The Future Outcome of peoples Health and Financial Situations.


As I stated above CTFO is a Network Marketing Company (MLM), but you don’t have to join to purchase products. If you decide to buy products from CTFO, you will want to shop as a preferred customer or you will pay full retail prices for your products.


As a preferred customer you can purchase the products for the same price the distributors have to pay when they order products. But you will need to find an associate or distributor to buy from.


One thing I found interesting about CTFO is that the owner on down gets paid from the same comp plan as the distributors. But that doesn’t mean a lot because they are at the top anyway.



CTFO’s Compensation Plan

This video is only for those of you who might be interested in learning more about the compensation plan of CTFO.



Well, in wrapping up, I would have to give CTFO a five star rating based on Price and their extensive selection of products to choose from; I have read many testimonials to it’s effectiveness, 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee, and quality of products.


I hope you enjoyed my review about CTFO and if you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear your thoughts. If you are a distributor or an associate of this company I would like to hear your experiences with the business. I plan on writing more reviews about other companies selling CBD Oils in the future.


Best Wishes As Always!

Sincerely Dale
Prospering With CBD

Dale Odom


  1. This was an eye-opening review of the CTFO (Changing The Future Outcome) CBD company. I had heard of the company before, but really had no time to check it out. Today I decided to do a search, and your review popped up. I most certainly learned all that I need to know from your post.

    CBD is a popular term these days and it is taking off like cryptocurrency early days, Unfortunately, when something gets popular, it can open the gates for less than stellar companies to take advantage of the interest in a subject to make money without providing a good product.

    The only thing that sets me back a bit from CTFO is that it is an MLM setup. Most of these are just not sustainable over time, but it sounds like this may be the exception. I am willing to give this company a shot and see how it goes, as I do use CBD for health reasons. 

    Thanks for a thorough review and a clear and concise picture that you have presented. I feel much more confident now in jumping in and seeing what it will do for me. Perhaps I can get my medicine paid for through commissions. Let us see…

    • Hi Dave, yes CBD is growing in popularity these days for a good reason, and it is only going to continue to escalate. When someone can use something natural and can get away from taking opioids is a good thing.

      Dave, I understand your concerns about the growing popularity and less than stellar companies popping up everywhere with inferior products, but unfortunately, we haven’t any control over that all we can do is educate ourselves about the companies and products.

      A lot of people do have a negative view of MLM companies which is a shame because it can be a way for people to create financial freedom if they are willing to put in the work if the products are of good quality and value.

      CTFO seems to be an honest and legitimate company, and I know the products are of good quality because I’ve been hearing a lot of great results from my customers.

      Dave I would love to hear how CBD has been helping you with your health.

      You are welcome and thank you for stopping by, and yes it could be an alternative way to get your CBD for free through earning commissions.

      Best Wishes!

      Sincerely Dale
      Prospering With CBD

  2. Having been burned before by MLM, I’m not a super-fan of it but if I were to consider it again, I’d really give this one a good look. It seems fair and I like that you don’t have to buy to get into sales. I’ve been using CBD for a couple of years and I’m always curious to see what’s out there. Your chart gives me a good starting point for researching brands…thanks!

    • Hi Tricia, I think most of us have been burned a time or two by MLM companies trying to find a way to earn some extra income. I know for sure I would never get involved with another MLM company where I had to purchase products and then try to resale them to earn a profit. I am not a very good salesperson!

      Tricia I would love to hear your experiences with using CBD and how it has helped you over the years.

      You are welcome, Tricia!

      Best Wishes!

      Sincerely Dale

      Prospering With CBD

  3. CBD sounds like a good company to join. That’s awesome how it’s pushing out for oils as their products.

    I remembered back in the days I had joined an MLM and we went door to door selling these phone products. This company was called ACN. 

    MLM can be a great business model to learn from and you’ll be able to utilize their tools to to further learn in the journey.

    This is a very insightful article, thank you for this. 

    • Hi JD, I have been working with people with all kinds of health issues over the last 15 years using natural alternatives. I like all of the health benefits of CBD Oil is the reason I got involved with it in the first place.

      CBD Oil is a natural substance and a lot safer for people to use than opioids.

      I have tried a few MLM companies myself in the past, but the biggest thing I like about CTFO is the fact I don’t have to buy the products and resale them, and there is no cost to join. So if I can’t sell the products, I don’t make any money, but I don’t lose any either.

      JD, I agree with you that an MLM company can be a great business model to learn from it is just a matter of finding a good company that stands behind there products or services. Also finding a company that has products you believe in yourself.

      One other thing I like about a legitimate MLM business is the fact that a person who doesn’t have the money to start their own business an MLM company can be a way for a person to earn a good living and create residual income.

      You are welcome JD, and thanks for stopping by.

      Best Wishes!

      Sincerely Dale

      Prospering With CBD

  4. This is a nice review . I do not know much about ctfo not until I read this post and I have been enlighten on how they works. I don’t really know much about cbd and reading this has made me develop an interest to know more about which I will start researching . Then after that I think I will join ctfo.

    • Hi Lok, thank you for the compliment. CTFO is just one of many companies in the CBD business, and CBD Oil is an excellent product for helping support a lot of different health issues with something natural.

      I can not make any medical claims as to what all it can help with, but if you would like to learn more about some of the scientific research being done on particular health issues here is a good site to look at to learn more. https://www.projectcbd.org/gui

      Lok, if you do decide to join and you need any help or have any questions just reach out to me, and I will be happy to help if I can.

      Best Wishes!

      Sincerely Dale

      Prospering With CBD

  5. Thank you for the review of CTFO. This company sounds legit And the pay structure is amazing according to The video. It is free to join and get started. This is not the first review of the company that I have seen online every one only has good things to say about the company. Thank you for the review I’m going to go sign up right now.    

    • Hi Geoffrey, you are welcome. So far I am pleased with CTFO and their products. I have been with them since August 2018, and I can honestly say the products work great.

      The things I like about CTFO are I don’t have to purchase products and resell them, and it’s free to join. I also love that I can earn income off of my efforts without depending on my downline and without having to balance any legs.

      It’s a pretty simple company. If no one buys any products from you, you don’t earn any money, but you don’t lose any either because it didn’t cost you anything to join.

      I read lots of reviews before I ever joined CTFO and kind of like Wealth Affiliate I never came across any bad reviews to speak of other than one or two, but you can’t please everyone.

      Geoffrey, I wish you the very best with your CTFO business and if I can be of any service let me know.

      Best Wishes!

      Sincerely Dale

      Prospering With CBD

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