What Is CBD Hemp Oil For – Helps To Alleviate Pains And Discomfort

Hey everyone, today I would like to discuss exactly what is CBD hemp oil for and how you can benefit from using it for your health. I also plan to explain the differences between Hemp, Marijuana, and Cannabis.


Talk to you a little about whether CBD Oil is legal to purchase in the United States and if you can pass a drug test while taking CBD. Finally, not only is CBD Hemp Oil for you but it is also suitable for our pets and lastly the many other uses of the Hemp plant.


Improving Your Health With CBD Hemp Oil

Just for argument’s sake from here on throughout this post if I say CBD Oil I am talking about the Oil made from the Hemp Plant. It is unlawful for me to make any Medical claims so I can only speak from my own experiences from using CBD Oil and what all it has done for myself, friends, and family members.


Hemp is a powerful antioxidant and contains more antioxidants than most whole fruits and vegetables. Hemp also has some critical Minerals and Vitamins our bodies need such as Calcium, Iron, Zinc. Vitamins D, and E as well as the fatty acids we use.


How has CBD Oil improved my life and others around me you might be wondering well I will tell you. First off let me tell you a little about myself. I am a bit scattered brained commonly meaning that my mind is always in a million different directions at once and I very rarely get 5 or 6 hours of sleep on a good day.


Since I started using CBD Oil, I am a lot more focused, and my mind seems to be a lot calmer. My sleep has improved, and I feel a lot more rested which in turn I have more energy throughout the day.


Some things my friends and family members have reported experiencing with CBD is it has helped to relieve some of their joint pains and stiffness, anxiety, stress, better quality of sleep, and just an overall sense of well-being.


Other things CBD can help with is to help support blood sugar levels, help support the immune system, pain and discomfort, seizures, and a list of other ailments. To see if CBD Hemp Oil could help you check out this website and click on your condition to read some scientific research about the many benefits of CBD https://www.projectcbd.org/guidance/conditions.


Is Hemp The Same As Marijuana

Hemp and Marijuana are not the same plants they are cousins of one another so to speak. Hemp has very little THC whereas Marijuana has a much higher concentration of THC which is the reason people use it recreationally to get high. You could take a whole bottle of CBD Hemp Oil, and you wouldn’t get high from it. Both Hemp and Marijuana can have medicinal purposes.


I know this may upset a lot of readers, but I personally don’t have a problem with people using Marijuana in its natural form if it helps them with any health issues they may have. I am not the kind of person who likes to sugar coat stuff, and I don’t care about being politically correct I say what I think. The only reason Marijuana is illegal, and you know just as well as I do it is because of Taxation.


Ecclesiasticus 38:4 (This passage comes from the 1611 KJV) The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth, and he that is wise will not abhor them.


Is CBD Hemp Oil Legal To Purchase

President Trump signed the 2018 farm bill making it legal to grow industrial Hemp. Ladies and Gentlemen whether you know it or not this is a game changer for the American People. I am not just talking about for peoples health I am also talking about wealth because Hemp has so many other uses that I will talk about later in the post.


A little history lesson! Did you know that in the 1700s farmers were required by law to grow Hemp and in some colonies’ failure to do so could land you into jail? In the early 1800s, Hemp could be used as legal tender to pay your taxes. Then came the industrial revolution in the 1930s making it illegal to grow Hemp.


CBD Hemp Oil is now legal in all 50 states and some countries such as Canada, and England to name a couple but it would be wise to check your own state’s regulations. If you are in some other country and would like to know if it is legal, I suggest you check for yourself I know of a few other countries it is legal if you would like to know you can leave me a message in the comment’s area and I will be happy to respond.


Can You Pass A Drug Test When Using Hemp Oil

This is a huge question for a lot of people! Even though it is true that the full spectrum CBD Hemp Oil only has .03% THC which is almost nothing at all and under the legal limit it is not a 100% Guarantee that you will pass a drug test depending on the test given.


I use the CBD Isolate which contains no THC at all and only contains 99% pure Hemp Oil and 1% Peppermint Oil for flavoring; Even then it still isn’t a 100% Guarantee you will pass a drug test.


The product I use is 100% organically grown here in the United States and contains no GMO’s, or Pesticides is GMP Certified with 3rd party lab testing and a full 60-day empty bottle money back Guarantee if not completely satisfied. If you would like to know more about the product I am using drop me a comment, and I will be happy to help.


CBD Hemp Oil Is Also Good For Your Pets

What is CBD Hemp Oil for, you ask! Well did you know that it also can be given to our pets? We all love our pets and they too at times have anxiety issues, fears, joint pains and discomfort just as us humans do.


They also have been known to get Diabetes from eating our foods as well as other human health issues. Animals also have an Endocannabinoid system like us humans and CBD works well with your pets.


The company I purchase my products from have CBD treats, oils, sprays, and even shampoo for your pets. Let’s face it we all love our pets, and in some cases, we treat them better than we do our children. (LOL) So, just like our children, we want what’s best for them, and we will do just about anything for them to make sure that happens.


Other Uses For The Hemp Plants

In wrapping up, I want to leave you with a few closing thoughts. We talked about you and your Pet’s Health. We talked about the difference between Hemp and Marijuana and if it is legal or not. Also, we discussed drug testing, and now I wanted to finish everything up by discussing Wealth.


This website is called Prospering With CBD! Prospering can mean many things to people but what it means to me are Health and Wealth. If you would like to learn more about what I mean by creating wealth with CBD, leave me a message in the comment’s section, and I will be glad to answer any questions.


There are over 25,000 products that can be made from Hemp, including paper, fuel, clothes, and even plastic to name a small few. Did you know the first two drafts of the Declaration Of Independence was written on Hemp paper? Hemp grows quicker than trees so it can be a lot more cost effective to make paper out of hemp.


But the thing which excites me the most would be making plastic out of it because it is biodegradable which would mean less pollution and good for the Planet.


I want this to be a safe space to where or If you ever need a hand or have any questions, to feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Sincerely Dale

Prospering With CBD

Dale Odom


  1. Very nice, thank you Dale, I have learned quite a lot about hemp & marijuana.
    What an interesting topic, something I’m sure a lot of people can learn & benefit from

    • You are most welcome Shaun!
      I have a natural alternatives health page on Facebook where I try to educate people on natural methods in treating health issues. I help people with Cancer, Diabetes, and a lot of other health issues with natural alternatives. If you ever find yourself in need, you can check it out here at living healthy with Dale But I hope you will never need it though.

      The CBD Oil is just another way for me to help other people with health issues with natural means. If I can ever be of service Shaun just send me a PM and I will be happy to help.

      Sincerely Dale

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