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Good day everyone in today’s article, I thought I would write a review about a company called Slick Vapes. This post is for all of you vape enthusiasts out there. Is slick vapes legit and everything they claim to be or not? Let’s find out.


First off I want to let you know I personally don’t vape, so I haven’t any first-hand experiences with vaping. But I do have a lot of friends who quit smoking cigarettes by vaping. I honestly am not sure if it is any safer than smoking. I guess it depends on what chemicals are in the vape juice.


I also have several clients who vape CBD oils and are getting great results. So I am not totally against vaping. I guess you could say I am not either for it or against it. I say if it helps a person then go for it.



Slick Vapes Company Review 

Slick Vapes is headquartered, in Seal Beach California and is owned by Joseph Rollin. They also have warehouses in Florida, Las Vegas, New Jersey, and Canada. The company was designed as a one-stop shop for all of your vaping needs.



The Products

Slick Vapes carries a full line of vaporizers, electronic cigarettes, vape pens, bongs, grinders, mods, parts & accessories, and e-juice. With over 150 brands to choose from such as Davinci IQ, Dr. Dabber, Firefly 2, and Pax 3 all at the best possible prices. If you would like to see, a full list of all the brand’s slick vapes carries click here



Pros vs. Cons


  • Vapes are guaranteed 100% authentic.
  • They offer daily discounts.
  • Fast and discreet shipping.
  • Free shipping on orders above $49.99. Within the U.S.
  • Most orders are shipped the same day.
  • Lowest prices guaranteed.
  • Price matching.
  • Huge selection of vaporizers.



I read several hundred of the reviews and based on all of the reviews I read. I didn’t really find any drawbacks to speak of for shopping here. If you would like to read the reviews I provided the link here.


Who is Slick Vapes For?

Slick vapes was developed for all of you deal seekers out there whether you are a beginner or an expert when it comes to vaping and vaporizers. They offer coupon codes daily to ensure you are getting the best deal for your products.


If you are a beginner, and not sure what kind of vaporizer you need be sure and check out the training guide below. Or call customer support.



Training Guide

If you are just starting out and are entirely new to vaping slick vapes offers a training guide on how to choose the right vaporizer for you. To check out the training guide, Click Here



Different Types Of Vaporizers – {And A Brief Description}


  • Dry Herb Vaporizers – A dry herb vaporizer is a device used to vape dry herb or dry flower.


  • Dab Pens (Wax Pen) Vaporizers – used to vaporize herbal wax concentrates and e-solid gels. Wax vape pen atomizers are for use with wax concentrates and thick oils. Do not use with tobacco or e-liquids.


  • Vape Pens – are a type of vaporizer designed specifically to vaporize CBD and other oils.


  • Bongs – Are a device used for smoking various substances, and uses water as a filtration system.


  • Portable Vaporizers – is a hand-held device for vaping herbs and concentrates.


  • Desktop Vaporizers – were the original way to vape cannabis, and cannabis concentrates, especially for medical marijuana users. They differ from portable vaporizers as they are stationary.


  • Electronic Cigarettes – is a battery-powered device that converts liquid nicotine or other e-liquids into a mist or vapor.


  • eNails & eRigs (Electronic Nails) – An electronic rig, commonly called an e-rig, is a relatively new device used for consuming cannabis concentrates.


  • Vape Pods – is a mini vape based on a two-part system: a pod filled with a vape juice that snaps into a small battery. They’re available in pre-filled or refillable designs.


  • Vape Mods – are larger devices than e-cigarettes, and are known for their high vapor production. This kind of device takes its cue from a regular vape pen but is enhanced (or modified, hence the ‘Mod’ name) to include certain advanced features.



Customer Support

According to slick vapes website, customer support is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have if you would like to contact Customer support. Hours of Operation
M – F: 9:00am – 3:00pm (EST) Excluding Holidays. After 3 pm you will probably have to send an email.



Product Prices

Prices vary from $15 up to $489 depending on which type of vaping device you are looking for that suits your needs. Whichever product you decide to purchase, make sure, and check out the coupon codes to see if they offer a better deal.


If you would like to check out the discounts, click here



My Final Opinion on Slick Vapes

Like I stated at the beginning, I don’t vape personally. I know a lot of friends, family members, and some of my clients who do. And after researching this company, I would probably give them a try based off all of the reviews I read.


Is slick vapes legit?

My Verdict: LEGIT.



Slick Vapes At A Glance

  • Name: Slick Vapes
  • Website: https://slickvapes.com/
  • Owners: Joseph Rollin
  • Products: Vaporizers, vape pens, vape tanks, parts & accessories, E-juice
  • Prices: Comparable to other such companies but they offer price matching.
  • Coupon Codes: Offers daily deals.
  • Overall Score: 85 out of 100




I hope you found this article of slick vapes informative. As always, I am here to help if I can. If you have ever purchased from this company, I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences so that it might help my readers to make an informed decision. You might also check out this review.

Warmest regards
Dale – Prospering With CBD

Dale Odom


  1. Though I am not too sure how vapes work, I have heard about it being able to help someone quit smoking. So that’s good. I am not a smoker but I will definitely share this with my friends who want to quit smoking and have an interest in vaping! Thank you.

    • Hi Clark,
      I have had some friends also quit smoking by using vapes. I personally don’t believe in exchanging one bad habit for another is necessarily any better; however, I understand that a person needs some sort of trade-off to break a bad habit.
      Thanks for stopping by, Clark.

  2. I don’t vape either, and personally have never been interested in the fad. however, I do notice that you have other articles on CBD, one of which is on the topic of    CBD oils which can be used for  therapeutic value. This has been an interest of mine for some time now, as I have used CBD products in order to treat insomnia and anxiety in the past.  Having a look at your article on  CTFO products now. Thanks  for the info. 

    • Hi Nicos,
      CBD oils have a lot of therapeutic value. Nicos, I got involved with the CTFO company because I care about people’s health. One of my biggest passions is helping people with something natural other than using pharmaceuticals. CTFO has good quality products; however, it is a network marketing company.
      Nowadays, you can find some quality CBD products readily available elsewhere.

  3. Hi,I know someone who sells vapes and he says that he has many customers. He also uses them himself to quit smoking and he swears by them. Personally, I don’t use vapes, but I can see how helpful they are. Are the vape pens that diffuse CBD oil  also beneficial for health? I know of the benefits of cbd oil, but I wasn’t aware that diffused cbd oil could also bring benefits. Does it have a calming or healing effect?

    • Hi Christine,
      I know several people who have quit smoking by using vapes. I would prefer for people to use a healthier alternative than trading one bad habit for another. Christine, there have been claims made vape pens that diffuse CBD oil has some benefits; but I would use the oils as is.

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