Is Hemp Oil CBD Oil – Are They The Same Thing

There seems to be a lot of confusion between Hemp oil, Cbd oil, and Cannabis oil so I thought I would write this post to try to clarify once and for all. Is Hemp oil CBD oil is the question?


A better question would be what is CBD and where does it come from? Before we can understand if Hemp oil and CBD oil are the same we need to understand what CBD is in terms of meaning.



Definition Of CBD

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid found within the Hemp and Marijuana plants. CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive properties to it; in other words, it will not make you high unlike one of its counterparts THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).


It is the THC which attributes to the high feeling you get when smoking Marijuana. Both of these cannabinoids have healing properties associated with them for a myriad of health issues.


There are close to four hundred cannabinoids found within the hemp and marijuana plants all with potential healing benefits, but there is still much research that needs to be performed and studied.



What Is CBD Oil Made Of

As we learned above CBD oil can be made from either the Hemp or Marijuana plants. Hemp and Marijuana are cousins to each other, and they belong in the genus family Cannabis. The Hemp plant has very little THC whereas the Marijuana plant is high in THC.


There are at least three recognized species of plants which fall under the Cannabis family. Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. I will post the links at the bottom of the post if you would like to learn more about each.



CBD Oil From Hemp

CBD made from the Hemp plant will contain less THC. CBD Oil is only allowed to have around .03% THC to be legal to sell to the public. The full or broad spectrum will have .03% THC or less, but it isn’t enough to get high off of it.



You can also purchase an Isolate form of CBD oil without any THC if you have any concerns. I would recommend the Isolate form if you only have minimal joint pains and stiffness or if you are looking for an overall sense of well being and a better quality of sleep.


If you have chronic joint pains and stiffness and more severe health problems, I would recommend buying a full spectrum CBD Oil. If you are looking for something even stronger and Bioavailable to the body, I would suggest trying the 10X formula which also contains CBDA. If you would like to learn more about my recommendations click here.



CBD Made From Marijuana

CBD made from Marijuana is called Cannabis Oil, and it contains a much higher amount of THC. The only way you can purchase CBD oil produced from Cannabis is you have to live in one of the states that have approved cannabis for medical or recreational use, or you will need a medical Marijuana card.




In closing, I hope I have been able to explain the differences clearly. If you found this post useful, please feel free to share or comment below. I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on the subject as well as what CBD has done for your health.


Sincerely Dale

Prospering With CBD






Dale Odom


  1. This is the best CBD article I have read and I finally understand the difference between the oils.

    I’m glad to know that CBD oil doesn’t make you high and that the level of THC is very very low, as this makes it more enticing to step into trying CBD oils for joint pains.

    My mother will benefit a lot from it, and now that I have this information I will share it with her.


    • Hey Carmen & Ben, I appreciate the compliment, and I am happy I could help explain the differences in CBD oil. CBD made from Hemp is indeed very low in THC, and it will not get you high it will just give you a calming effect which is great if you suffer from Anxiety, PTSD, or Panic attacks and have trouble sleeping.

      Using CBD oils for stiff and aching joints work well also. My mother benefits a lot from using it as she is soon to be 88 years old. I hope your mother benefits as much as mine has from using it.

      You’re welcome, and thanks for stopping by Carmen!

      Best wishes

      Dale – Prospering With CBD

  2. Interesting. I have visited Holland 2 months ago and actually tried CBD which I heard have great health benefits. Not sure if it’s available anywhere in the world though, Is it?
    I am on a kind of SSRIs for long time now and I think CBD won’t show effectiveness if taken along SSRI medicine. It can replace though with time. Any Idea of the relation between CBD and SSRIs medications?
    Thanks for the post.

    • Hey Jeeda, CBD does have a lot of health benefits, and it seems to work well for Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and Panic attacks. To answer your first question, I did a quick google search, and I found a company that says it ships Internationally, but you will want to do some research about it because I don’t know anything about this company or their products. https://healthyhempoil.com/countries/

      Jeeda, to answer your second question I guess it would be best to know why you are taking an SSRI medicine. If you are using an SSRI for one of the things I mentioned above the CBD oil would probably work well. With the research we have available there are not a lot of negative side-effects to using CBD oil.

      The adverse side effects noted are Diarrhea, Changes in appetite, and Fatigue but I would check with a doctor before taking CBD oil with an SSRI or I would start with using a lower dose than recommended to see how it is going to affect you. Here is a link you might want to look at for further information. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/cbd-oil-benefits#section8

      Jeeda a couple of other things you might want to look into if you are suffering from any of the things I mentioned above. Have you ever heard of EFT? (Emotional Freedom Technique) I am an EFT Practitioner, and I work with people with emotional problems. It is kind of like acupuncture without using needles. Do a google search on EFT it might look a little silly, but it works.

      The other thing I would recommend you do is to take the Braverman Personality Type Assessment and here is a link for that. http://advancedpsychcare.tripod.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/braverman.test.pdf
      It will give you a list of natural things you can use to boost your Serotonin levels.

      I hope this is helpful.

      Best wishes!
      Dale – Prospering With CBD

  3. I’m really stoked that you covered the differences between various versions of CBD and Hemp oils. So many people have assumptions about CBD because the information is scattered all over the internet, and sometimes that makes those assumptions wrong. You did a great job of comparing and contrasting and I will pass this along on my social media accounts!


    • Hi Buck, thank you! I tried to keep the post short and to the point without going into too much scientific jargon. I agree with you that it can be very confusing to people who aren’t well informed about the differences between CBD oil coming from Hemp or Marijuana.

      I appreciate your kind words, Buck and also with sharing my article.

      Best wishes

      Dale – Prospering With CBD

  4. So the hemp plant and the marijuana plant are from the same plant family, but the hemp plant has little THC (which gets you high).  I was wondering, is there more potent CBD in the marijuana plant than the hemp plant, or is the concentration of CBD the same in both?

    • Hey Babsie, thanks for stopping by. That is correct the hemp and marijuana plant comes from the same family. I believe the CBD content is roughly the same from both plants; it’s the cannabinoid THC that is the most significant difference.

      Marijuana has a much higher concentration of THC where the Hemp plant doesn’t. That’s not saying that THC doesn’t have some health benefits of its own to contribute.

      It is legal to sell CBD oil made from hemp in all 50 states in the U.S. and some other countries as long as the THC level is .03% or less.

      At this time CBD oil made from Marijuana is only legal to purchase in a few states where it has been, approved; unless they lower the THC content which in that case you might as well buy CBD oil made from Hemp.

      Best wishes!

      Dale – Prospering With CBD

  5. Hi Dale

    This is a great explanation of what CBD Oil is, and also the difference between CBD Hemp Oil and Cannabis Oil, which often causes confusion.

    I love CBD Hemp Oil – it can help with so very many conditions, and in my opinion it is the ultimate in Natural Remedies, and there is no doubt that CTFO CBD Oils are the very best that you can buy. And CBDA is so very effective too. I would recommend it to everyone!

    Very many thanks for your really informative post.

    Chrissie πŸ™‚

    • Hi Chrissie, I hope all is well with you. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, it seems like a lot of people are confused about the difference between hemp and marijuana CBD oil. I have been asked many times what the difference is.

      I agree with you Chrissie that CBD Hemp Oil is a great natural alternative to having to use pharmaceuticals for health issues. I also agree with you about CTFO they seem to be a great company who cares about helping people.

      I recommend it to anyone who is suffering from Anxiety, PTSD, Panic Attacks, Joint Pains, and Insomnia to give it a try. Or if they have a pet who suffers as well.

      You are very welcome Chrissie, and thanks for stopping by I appreciate it.

      Best wishes!

      Dale – Prospering With CBD

  6. One of the clearest articles I’ve come across on the differences between hemp oil and CBD oil
    derived through extraction from the whole hemp plant.
    Hemp oil can come from the flower, leaves, stock or seeds. If it comes from the seed there are no cannabinoids found. If it comes from the rest of the plant cannabinoids are found.

    By going through this great article, first time I came to know that cannabis and cannabinoid are used for treatment as well. Thank you for educating through your blog.

    Have a great day,


    • Hi Leo, I appreciate the kind words. I tried to keep the article short and simple for anybody to understand without getting too scientific. You are right Leo the cannabinoids comes from the plant itself instead of the seeds.

      Leo cannabis in itself has a lot of health benefits, and that is probably why it is illegal in most states truth to be told and not knowing how to tax it.

      You are very welcome Leo!

      Best wishes!

      Dale – Prospering With CBD

  7. Hello Dale,

    I came across your article, and I have been wondering about the differences between the CBD oil from the Hemp plant and the Marijuana plant.

    Due to my occupation, random drug screens happen periodically. Can the full spectrum CDB cause any positive results in the drug test? It would be wrong to lose a good job by using this product if it can mess up a drug screen.

    It concerns me when I see this CBD oil promoted as a health supplement because I do not see any real scientific proof of what exactly it is supposed to do for people. Most of the time this product promoted as a home-based business.  

    What has this product done for you? It would be nice to hear what it is about this product that has you promoting it for your business. Thanks for taking the time to share this information.

    • Hi Chad, I hope you are doing well. I’ve had so many people ask me what the differences were and that is what inspired me to write this post.

      Chad that is a big factor for some people not knowing whether or not they can pass a random drug test. To answer your question, it really depends on how extensive and what kind of drug test it is.

      Chad even though the full spectrum CBD oil only contains .03% or less of THC there isn’t any guarantees you will pass a drug test. Nor with the Isolate which contains no THC. So my advice would be to let your employer know you are using CBD oil for the health benefits to be on the safe side.

      When you take a typical urine test for employment, it screens for amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamines, opiates, nicotine, and alcohol.

      Chad, as with any other health supplement a person can not make any health claims without getting into trouble with big pharma and the FDA. A person who sells CBD oils has to be very careful of their wording to avoid any problems or to make false claims.

      If you would like to learn more about how CBD can help you, I wrote a post about it at https://prosperingwithcbd.com/… If you would want to read some scientific studies check out this site. https://www.projectcbd.org/gui

      The company I am with CTFO offers a free home based business, but you don’t have to do the business side of it if you don’t want to you can just purchase the products, but you will need to find a distributor.

      The reason a lot of companies market their products this way is, so they don’t have to spend a fortune on advertising and to hire a bunch of people. They let the distributors do the advertising for them and pay them the commissions.

      Affiliate Marketing operates much the same way. The only real difference is that you have to build a website and write content promoting the products you are trying to earn a commission with.

      What has CBD done for me?

      I am a person who has insomnia. I used to never get more than three or four hours of sleep at a time. I also have some Arthritis issues in my knees which would keep me awake at night.

      Since I started taking the CBD oil, I sleep throughout the night and am not constantly waking up in pain so therefore I have more energy to do the things I need to throughout my day. It also gives me more focus instead of being scattered brained.

      Chad I could share with you hundreds of testimonials from different people including people I know personally who are using the CTFO products and getting all kinds of health benefits.

      Best wishes!

      Dale – Prospering With CBD

  8. Hi Dale,
    Thank you for the detailed reply, and I will check out the links that you recommend to learn some more about the CBD product. I have seen so many advertisements lately that it got my curiosity up.

    Glad to know that your personal experience has worked in reducing pain and making you be able to sleep better. Getting a good nights sleep is very important to overall health and well being.

    Will get back with you if a have any more question.

    • You are very welcome Chad! Yes, social media and the internet is full of CBD advertisements no doubt; but for good reasons. So many people are experiencing great health benefits from using CBD oil.

      I believe it is a much better alternative than taking NSAID’s for pain relief because eventually, they could cause Liver and Kidney damage if you take to many.

      Chad getting a great night’s sleep as you said is very important to our overall health and well being. I have so much more energy now than I have had in a long time.

      Yes please visit again if you have any more questions I will be happy to help if I can. You’re welcome and thank you.

      Best wishes Chad!

  9. Awesome post, Dale. I myself use a vape daily with CBD oil, and find it to be of great benefit. To be honest, I am one of the naive people who didn’t know there was a difference between CBD and hemp oil lol. I learned something new today! you did a great job explaining the differences clearly. This is one of those topics that I glance at and then scroll by all over the internet but don’t actually take the time to learn about, so I’m glad I took the time to read your article. it was very informative, Dale. I look forward to seeing more of your posts in the future! Smoke on, bro! Just kidding ; ) 

    • Hi Koda, thank you, my friend. I haven’t ever tried the vape oils yet myself, but I am glad it is helping you. What brand of vape pen and oils do you use if you don’t mind me asking?

      A lot of people get confused about the difference between CBD from Hemp and CBD from Marijuana. You get about the same amount of CBD oil from both plants; the only main difference is the THC level is higher in Marijuana than it is in Hemp.

      Koda that makes me happy if you learned something new from my article it is always good to learn and educate yourself. Thanks for the kind words Koda I appreciate it.

      Whatever works brother! If vaping works for you and helps you out, then I have no problems with it. I would like to know what brand you use and which vape pen.

      Best wishes!


  10. Wow…I had no clue there were so many different derivatives from the cannabis plant!  This article was very clear and informative.  I especially like your recommendations for when to use the full spectrum VS isolate.  I think it is important to be educated on these topics as they are becoming more and more prevalent – I live in a state where medical marijuana is not legal but it still comes up in regular conversation. Thank you for sharing. 

    • Hi, smctee, thanks for stopping by and I appreciate the comment. I use a CBD oil 500mg isolate made from the Hemp plant because I don’t have any significant health issues. The biggest problems I have is trouble sleeping, focus and a few minor arthritis pains.

      I would consider using a full spectrum of CBD oil made from Hemp if I had more severe problems or health concerns, but the Isolate works just fine for my issues. Even though there are no guarantees, you will pass a drug test using either one. Fortunately, I don’t work a traditional 9 to 5 job, so I don’t have anything to worry about.

      Yes CBD oils are becoming more and more prevalent all the time, and for good reasons, I might add. I also live in a state where medical marijuana isn’t yet legal. I use CBD oil made from the hemp plant because it has less than .03% THC and is legal to purchase without a prescription in my state.

      You are welcome Smctee!

      Best wishes!

      Dale – Prospering With CBD

  11. Hi Dale,

    Thank You very much for sharing such an informative post with all the necessary information about “Is Hemp Oil CBD Oil – Are They The Same Thing”

    Really this is an outstanding article. I like this article very much. Like others, I also had the same problem that I didn’t understand the difference between CBD oil, hemp oil, and cannabis oil. In this regard, you did an excellent job by writing this helpful article. Now, I understand the difference correctly between these oils. This article is beneficial for those people who are not aware of the difference between these oils as you highlighted the article so nicely. I am going to buy 10X formula as I was looking for something stronger and bioavailable for my body. I will share this article with my friends and relatives so that they can learn about the difference between hemp oil, CBD oil, and cannabis oil.

    • Hi mhasanalvi, you are very welcome and thank you for the compliments. So many people I came into contact with were perplexed about the differences, and that is what prompted me to write this article.

      The only question a person should have to ask is if the CBD oil is extracted from the Hemp plant or the Marijuana plant because you can get CBD from both plants.

      Hemp CBD oil is legal to purchase in most places while CBD oil made from Marijuana is only permitted in states where it has been either approved or with a medical Marijuana card or prescription unless they get the THC content to .03% or less.

      I am happy I could be of help to you, and I hope to many others as well. If you do decide to purchase and try the 10X formula start by taking a lot less than what you need because sometimes a little goes a long way. This has been my experience with the 10X formula.

      Best wishes!

      Dale – Prospering With CBD

  12. There is a lot of misconception about CBD oil and Hemp oil. It is good to finally find an article that clarifies the differences in simple terms. I became interested in CBD oil towards the end of last year when I discovered from my research that CBD oil has many benefits in a broad spectrum of ailments such as arthritis, joint aches, anxiety, insomnia and some forms of cancer in humans and dogs.

    Whereas CBD made from hemp contains minimal THC, CBD made from marijuana includes a higher level of THC and is psychoactive. Conclusively I can say anyone interested in CBD oil for medical purposes is better off purchasing CBD oil obtained from the hemp plant.

    With so many health benefits of CBD oil, why is mainstream medicine still a bit skeptical about its potency in providing relief for the numerous ailments they have been attributed to curing? Could it be that they are hiding something from the public?

    • Hi Phranell86, you are right there are a lot of misconceptions about CBD oils and whether or not it comes from Hemp or Marijuana. When in reality it can come from either plant.

      I got interested in CBD oils for the same reasons as you for the health benefits. I suffered from insomnia and a little bit of arthritis in my knees from a motorcycle accident I had growing up. Since I started taking CBD oil made from the Hemp plant, I sleep throughout the night now which gives me a lot more energy and my knees no longer hurt as much.

      I don’t have any pets myself, but I have heard great things about that as well. I have a couple of friends who use it for their pets, and they say it CBD works excellent at keeping their dogs calm during a thunderstorm and at relieving stiff joints.

      I prefer the CBD oil made from Hemp personally, but I don’t have any significant health issues. I wouldn’t be opposed to using CBD oil produced from Marijuana if I had more severe health issues though because THC also has some great health benefits.

      I don’t believe that mainstream medicine is skeptical about the health benefits of using CBD oil. I think it is more about the fact of taking money out of their pockets that they don’t like.

      LOL! They are always lying and hiding facts from the general public and have been for too many years to count. People need to wake up and educate themselves and stop believing everything you hear in the media.

      Best wishes!

      Dale – Prospering With CBD

  13. Thank you for this article. I am now able to differentiate between the hemp, CBD and marijuana oil and their respective levels of THC.

    However, my question is whether the level of THC in any of the oils plays a role in the healing of symptoms/pain. Also aside, adhering to state’s laws regarding usage of Cannabis products, can a person self medicate on any of them, if it is legally allowed in one’s State? Also, could there be side effects upon aggressive usage of the CBD or Hemp oil?

    • Hi Chidiking88, you are welcome and I am glad I could explain the differences.

      THC does have a lot of benefits itself so if I had a high level of pain I would probably use a full spectrum CBD oil or if CBD oil made from Marijuana is legal in your Country or State I would use it if you have a job who doesn’t do a random drug test. To be on the safe side I would inform your employer that you are using CBD oil for health reasons for either one.

      I see no problem with self-medicating with either of them as long as you monitor yourself and how your body reacts if you are taking other medications also. Just be sensible and use common sense. Examples: If you are taking medications for either High Blood Pressure or for Diabetes you would want to monitor yourself closely to see how your body reacts.

      You wouldn’t want your Blood Pressure or Sugar to drop to low because that isn’t good for your health either and if taking CBD oil lowers your levels you would need to get your doctor to lower the doses of your medications.

      I haven’t come across many negative side-effects with using CBD oil but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen. So as I said above use common sense and monitor how your body reacts to the use of CBD.

      Best wishes!

      Dale – Prospering With CBD

  14. Well done Dale. You have done an excellent job with your post. Thanks for taking the time to explain the difference. To the informed mind, CBD oil is different from Hemp oil. I did lots of research work on this early this year and was amazed by the results I got. CBD oil has lots of benefits many people are not aware of. It is good people like you are creating awareness. It is great to know that CBD is effective against joint pain and stiffness. I would recommend this to friends.

    • Hi Tolu, thank you! You’re welcome and a lot of people get confused about the differences between the two. Tolu you are right about a lot of the health benefits most people aren’t even aware of yet.

      I am doing my best in trying to educate people about CBD oils but a person has to be very careful and not state in health claims or a person can get into a lot of trouble. I too would and do recommend it to all of my friends and family.

      Best wishes!

      Dale – Prospering With CBD

  15. Hi Dale

    I have heard a little bit about CDB oil but didn’t realize it deeply. After reading your article I have learned a lot of details about CBD oil. So the hemp and the marijuana are from the same plant family. My mother will love to see this article because she has serious joint pain & sleeping problems. I will share it with her.

    Thanks for sharing this helpful information.

    • Hi Rony, welcome and thanks for visiting my site. Yes, the Hemp and Marijuana plant are from the same plant family and you can get CBD oil from both plants. The Hemp plant contains a lot less THC than the Marijuana plant so CBD oil made from Hemp is legal to purchase in all states of the U.S. and in some other countries.

      The CBD oil made from Marijuana is only legal to purchase in a few states where Marijuana has been legalized or you have to have a medical Marijuana card to purchase it.

      I purchase CBD made from Hemp for my mother and it helps her a lot with her Arthritis joint pains and sleeping better without constantly waking up in pain. I hope it helps your mother out as much as it has mine.

      You are very welcome, Rony!

      Best wishes!

      Dale – Prospering With CBD

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