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It seems everywhere you turn these days, CBD is growing in popularity. More and more CBD companies are popping up daily, trying to jump on the bandwagon. One such company I have seen on Facebook lately is CTFO, and if you have seen it, you might be wondering, is CTFO a MLM company?


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I have done some extensive research into CTFO. Still, before I answer as to whether or not CTFO is an MLM company, I would like to cover some basics of what an MLM business model means for the people who don’t know. 



MLM Basics Multi-Level Marketing Business Model

Most people seem to have a love/hate relationship when it comes to multi-level marketing (MLM). However, MLM companies have been around for a very long time, and I don’t ever see them going away. Avon is probably the oldest MLM company still around today.


Multi-level marketing companies come and go, but so do other brick and mortar businesses. How many restaurants and other companies in your area have you seen shut down?


People tend to call MLM companies pyramid schemes because of the structure of the business. Still, every type of business you can think of operates in the same manner, including the military. So, let’s answer the question, is CTFO a MLM company?


Is CTFO A MLM - Multi-Level Marketing Pyramid Structure


Is CTFO A MLM Company

As I stated above, I have done some extensive research into CTFO, and the answer is yes, CTFO is an MLM company in the CBD market space. They offer a wide range of products, including CBD oils, pain creams, anti-aging, sleep support, weight loss, and pet products.



What Is A Multi-Level Marketing Scam

A multi-level marketing scam is when an MLM company pays you a commission on something other than based on services rendered or product sales. BEWARE and do thorough research!


I have tried a few MLM’s over the years, and some I made a little money with and others I didn’t. I am not saying they were a scam as the reason why I didn’t make any money, but I did learn from my mistakes. If you ever decide to do an MLM business, make sure they offer a product or service you believe in, or you will fail.



Is CTFO A Scam – Or Legit Opportunity

My passion is natural alternatives in the health and wellness industry, and I have been working with people with health issues for many years now. I was looking for a good quality CBD company that I could refer to some of my clients because of the health benefits.



Is CTFO a scam or a legitimate business opportunity? After doing a lot of research about this company, I joined CTFO in August 2018 for free to see what was what, and I can now honestly say after being with CTFO for over a year now, it is not a scam.


Is CTFO A MLM - Legit Opportunity Or Scam Caution Sign



If you are a decent salesperson, you can make money with this company without ever having to purchase anything yourself. If you don’t like the idea of building a team, you don’t have too. I focus on customers only, and I earn 20% commissions without purchasing anything. Even if you are not interested in the business opportunity CTFO offers good quality products at affordable prices.


Keep this in mind if you are thinking about joining any MLM company, do your research thoroughly. Multi-level marketing is not for everyone, and not all MLM companies are the same; there are some good and bad ones out there.



Another Way To Make Money Selling CBD Oil

For those of you who don’t like MLM companies, there is another way you can make money selling CBD oils or anything else for that matter with affiliate marketing.


Affiliate programs are free to join; however, some require you to have a personal website or blog related to that particular niche.


I have come across a few affiliate programs that allow you to market their products on social media without having to have a personal website. You will need to read their terms and conditions before joining any affiliate program to see what they will allow.


If you are not sure what affiliate marketing is and you are serious and would like to learn, my number one recommendation is below.



The Best Affiliate Marketing Course And Training For 2020

If you are tired of the rat race and are looking for a way out of your traditional 9 to 5 jobs learning how to do affiliate marketing in your spare time might be your way out. I know what it’s like to work for a company for 32 years and never feel appreciated for your hard work. Nor having any time to enjoy life.


Just like with MLM companies learning how to build your own business with a website and learn affiliate marketing isn’t for everyone either. I have spent so much money over the years just trying to learn something and find a way out of having to have a boss and answer to someone else.


Please don’t misunderstand me; I don’t mind hard work, but what I did mind is not being able to work on my own terms and schedule with life passing me by until I am too old to do anything else.


So my number one recommendation if you are looking for a legitimate place to learn affiliate marketing and all about building a business with a website plus learn how to get other companies to pay you is Wealthy Affiliate.


I joined this company four years ago while I was still working a traditional job with 70 hour work weeks. I am still here and not going anywhere else because I am at home here.


I’ve tried other places and companies in the past trying to learn how to make money online, and none of them compare to the training and support you will find at Wealthy Affiliate.


But don’t take my word for it, you can test it out yourself free for the first seven days just by entering your email address. I invite you to join for free and look at all the fantastic training that is provided and then make up your mind about it for yourself.


You can do like I did and waste a lot of time and money trying to find the right place to learn or choose the right place from the start. Sign up for the free 7 days, and then if you like what you see, they offer you a discounted price of $19 for the first month after that it is $49 a month or $300 a year. Everything you will need is included. Compare prices to other such companies.


The Best Affiliate Marketing Course And Training For 2020 - WA Domains Comparison Chart




How To Find Affiliate Programs For Your Niche

So if you have decided to learn affiliate marketing, you will need to be able to find affiliate programs you can join for free and start promoting their products on your website and start earning commissions.


Let’s say your niche website is about CBD, and you need to find affiliate programs to join. It is just a quick google search away. Start by typing in the search bar CBD affiliate programs, and let’s see what we find.


  • Joyorganics affiliate program – earn 25% commissions.
  • Charolottesweb affiliate program – earn 15% commissions.
  • CBDPure affiliate program – earn 40% commissions.
  • CBD Medic affiliate program – earn up to 30% commissions.
  • Medix CBD affiliate program – earn 20% commissions.


Here are a few I found, and I picked these to show you that not all of them payout the same commissions. You can find a lot more affiliate programs to join just by searching.


If CBD was your niche, you could join each of these affiliate programs and write a review about each company and promote their products on your site. You would then earn a commission from the sales.


As I said above, affiliate marketing isn’t for everyone either, and it does take work and learning to be successful at it, but if you learn how from a place like wealthy affiliate, you can make a living.


Closing thoughts about how to make money selling CBD oil online and is CTFO a MLM company, I hope you found this article informative and helpful. Either one of these business models can earn you some extra income if you are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to build your own business. If you have any comments or questions, leave them in the comments section, and I will respond promptly.


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