How To Launch Your Network Marketing Business – The Right Way

Hello everyone today’s topic is about How To Launch Your Network Marketing Business The Right Way. A lot of new people who get involved with a network marketing business for the first time go out and try to convince all of their friends and family into joining their company. I too was also guilty of doing this in the past because I didn’t have a good up line leader to teach me any better or show me the proper way to launch my business.


With this post, I hope to be able to save others from making the same mistakes I and everyone else new to network marketing makes. I wish to share with you the proper way to launch your business and gear you towards success and creating a life of financial freedom.


Creating A List Of Everyone, You Know

The purpose of creating a list of everyone you know is NOT for trying to convince them all to join your business. Some of these people may want to join your company, and that’s okay, but its not the reason for creating the list. The reason for the list is to let everyone you know that you have just started a new business and you would like them to help you spread the word.


Now there are a few different ways that you can go about accomplishing this, and I spoke about it in the post I did earlier about How To Get Free Leads In Network Marketing in the section about the customer based part of your business.


You will want to split your list up in two different categories.


  • People who will help you find customers.
  • People who will help you find other business partners.


I will give you an example on how to do this utilizing six questions for you to think about while you are looking over your list of people. You will want to put a check mark beside each name the questions apply too and when you have finished, the names with the most check marks goes into one list while the rest goes into the other. Here are some example questions.


  • Who on your list do you know that is in between jobs, unemployed, retired, disabled in some way, or is a stay at home mom or dad?


  • Who would you describe as being entrepreneur minded?


  • Who on the list owns their own business or is self-employed?


  • Does anyone on this list have any side jobs going on?


  • Has any of these people ever been involved with direct sales or network marketing?


  • Who on this list is between the ages of 25 – 35 who owns their own home and has a family and wants to succeed as bad as you do?


If the network marketing company you are with offers health products another question you could add would be.


  • Who on this list has health issues?


Now that you have your list separated we will move on to the next section about how to launch your network marketing business the right way.



How To Launch Your Network Marketing Business The Right Way

I am not going to get into a lot of detail in this section because I covered a lot of this in a previous post I did about generating leads. You might want to go back and read over that post were I share some examples.


I didn’t go into any details about social media because I don’t personally use it often to market my business not saying that you can’t. There are a lot of Facebook groups of people looking for home based businesses you could join and promote your business, but I am no social media expert by any means.


I know there are other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and several others you could use as well. I don’t like the spammy nature of it all.


However, I did put one post on my personal Facebook page letting everyone know that I had started a new business and I would appreciate everyone helping me by sharing my post and getting the word out.


I don’t want to be spamming all of my friends and family all the time by continually posting about my business. I created a separate Facebook page were I do share and promote my business.


In this next section, we will discuss the recruiting process.



Mastering The Recruiting Process

There are about four necessary steps to the recruiting process.


  • Step One would be generating the lead by whatever means you use. Newspaper ads, Drop cards, Social media, Phone call, Email list, brochures, etc.


  • Step Two is getting that person to either watch your presentation video, a company overview webinar, a compensation plan overview and giving them a chance to learn more about your company.


  • Step Three is following up with them to see if they have any questions you need to answer before you sign them up and get them started.


  • Step Four is if they are not interested at this time, that is no problem; find out who they might know who would be interested.

Keep in mind these things!

  • You are not trying to convince anyone into joining your business. If you have to convince people to join you more than likely, they aren’t ever going to do anything anyway If they don’t see the value in your opportunity.
  • You are only looking for the people who it is the right time in their lives to make a change.
  • Don’t ever take the people who say no, personally. Sometimes you have to get through a bunch of No’s before you find the Yeses. The only way you fail in this business model is if you give up and quit or you don’t have good quality products you believe in an offer.
  • Some will. Some won’t, So what, Next! Get through those No’s as quickly as possible so that you can find the Yeses.
  • You cannot give the wrong presentation to the right person if they see the value in what you are offering them.


This next section on following up is crucial to your success. 



Following Up

It’s imperative that when you talk to a lead that you follow up with them in a few days if you haven’t heard back from them because life has a way of happening. I have had several people who were very interested either in my products or joining my business which I never saw do either. I would give them a call a week later to find out what happened only to find out something was going on in there personal lives which took their mind off of everything else.

I have also had some people who seemed interested in purchasing my products as a customer and two months go by, and they haven’t made a purchase. After following up with them again finally, they make a purchase and then call me up telling me how great the product is helping them and that they can’t believe they waited so long to try it and then wanted to know how they could join my business.

  • Some people who you think would be great business partners never do anything once they join. And the people who you think would be a good customer might turn out to be your best business partner.


Moral of the story is: You can never judge a book by its cover!


Always follow up!



Mastering Lead Generation

Let’s face it we all know to be successful in any business we have to create new customers or business partners so learning how to master lead generation is essential. I covered a lot of different ways to accomplish this in my previous post so you might want to go back and reread it.


So I am not going to bother with going over it again in this post; instead we will move on to the next section about creating a simple customer service system.



Develop A Simple Customer Service System

Customer service is a huge factor in any business, and it is no different in network marketing. A lot of Network Marketers try to push people into an auto-ship to soon in my opinion. I understand the reasons why but I don’t agree with even mentioning it at the beginning.


Once you have someone who has made a purchase from you for the first time and once they have received the product you need to follow up with them about a week later to see if it is helping.


Follow up with the person once again towards the end of the month when you know it is about time for them to make another purchase. This time all you want to do is ask them if they need any help with placing their next order.


You will follow up again the next month when it is time for them to make another purchase; This, in my opinion, is the time to bring up auto-ship. When you call the person up, you could let them know you could save them an additional 5% on their future purchases by signing up on auto-ship and this way they want have to worry about forgetting to place an order.


Keep these Three things in mind!


  • When someone purchases something from you once they are a suspect.


  • If they buy a second time, they are a prospect.


  • And if the person purchases a third time they are now a customer.


Well, this is all for now. I hope I have given you some things to think about and that I have added some value to this post which you can find useful in your Network Marketing Business. I wish you the best in all of your endeavors, and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section, and I will do my best to help.


Sincerely Dale



Dale Odom

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