How To Get Free Leads In Network Marketing-Training With Examples

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Hey everyone, today I wanted to do a little training on How To Get Free Leads In Network Marketing. There are two different types of leads you are trying to generate; One is for business partners, and the other is for customer base sales leads.

In the following paragraphs, I will explain how to generate both types of leads for your network marketing business with some examples and some proven techniques. I also will answer the question about should you ever buy leads and give you some free ways to generate leads for your business.

How To Generate Leads For A Network Marketing Business

First off, there are multiple ways to generate leads for your business, but you need to split your leads into two different categories, business partners and customers which, I will break down further for you below. But for now, I am just going to give you a list of a few ways you can generate leads.

  • Newspaper Ads
  • Buttons
  • Flyers
  • Craigslist
  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Drop Cards
  • Car Magnets
  • Bandit Signs
  • Email Lists
  • Social Media
  • Phone Calls
  • Fish Bowl Technique

I could go on and on, but that is enough, for now, you get the idea. So, in the next section, we are going to start breaking it down into two different categories starting with generating leads for business partners.

BUT! Keep this in mind when you go out into the Marketplace with either your Opportunity, Product, or Service. Go out with a value-focused attitude on what or how your product or service can help or benefit the prospect. Not yourself! Network Marketing is about helping other people. So, keep that in mind with all of your advertising campaigns.

How To Generate Leads For Network Marketing Business Partners

Out of the list above, you could use business cards, newspaper ads, Craigslist ads, drop-cards, email lists, phone calls, and the fishbowl technique for the best results. I am not saying that you cannot use the others, but they, are more geared toward customer-based sales.

When you go out and start advertising and looking for new business partners to join your company, I want you to think about it like this; When you apply for a new job at a company, you have to go in for an interview.

So, when you start talking to people and running campaign ads for new partners to join your business, think about interviewing them because not everybody is the right fit for your company, and that is ok.

Network Marketing is not about convincing someone to join your business. You are looking for people who are fed up with their jobs and are ready for a change. Your job is to sort through the people as quickly as possible until you find the right people.

Also, keep in mind that when someone tells you NO, they are not interested, do not take it personally. It is just not the right time in their life. They are just not tired enough of being sick and tired yet with their current JOB!

  • Here Is An Example Of A Script You Could Use For Newspaper, Craigslist, Thrifty Nickel Ads, Email, And Social Media Campaigns.

My __ company is looking for people with an entrepreneurial mindset who possess some leadership or management abilities. If this sounds like you, you can reach us at 555-555-5555 to set-up an interview.

When you call them back, make sure to have your interview questions handy. Based on the answers they give you, then you can decide if they are even right for your business.

Examples Of Interview Questions You Could Ask!

  • What kind of work experience do you have?
  • Have you ever worked in sales of any kind?
  • What kind of side jobs have you ever done?
  • Are you teachable?

You can come up with a couple of other questions to ask.

In the next section, we will talk about phone calls, business cards, and the fishbowl technique, and I will give you an example phone call script you could use.

What Is The Fishbowl Technique

Ok, I am sure nearly everyone has seen this, even if you did not understand what it was. Have you ever went into a restaurant and there on the counter where you check out was a fishbowl?

Well, here is what it is, a Network Marketer or someone else looking for business leads asks the manager if they can put it there for a couple of weeks, and people drop their business cards into it trying to win a free dinner.

At the end of the promotion, someone draws out a winner, and you give that person a call and buy them a free dinner at the restaurant, and you get to keep all of the business cards.

Why is that important, you might ask? The answer is all of these people are business-minded people who own their own business. Other entrepreneurs! Chances are them being the right person for your business are slim to none. But the chances are they know other entrepreneur minded people who might be, are pretty high.

  • Example Phone Call Script You Could Use!

Hey, ______ my name is _______ I am the one who ran the promotional offer for a chance to win a free dinner at _____ restaurant. I am sorry to say that you did not win. The reason I am calling is I am an entrepreneur like you. I know that you are probably not interested in my business opportunity personally, but I was wondering if you could do me a favor? Can you help me out?


Most people will say something like, sure, if I can. I am looking for other like-minded people with leadership and management abilities like you, and I am sure that you know the kind of people I am talking about.

Could you watch a five-minute video and then tell me if you were going to do this type of business, who would be the first person you would call. Who would be the second? And who else do you know that I should speak too?

Thank you for your help and your time!

  • Next, we will be talking about drop cards and how to use them for generating leads for your network marketing business.

What Are Drop Cards

Drop cards look and feel just like a real $100 bill when folded in half, except they are smaller when opened up, and you put your advertising on the back. While you are out shopping, have some of the drop-cards already folded in half. While walking around in the stores, drop a few of them down the isles or in the parking lots. Watching people pick them up, and stick them into their pockets, is so much fun!

Even if they do discover it is not a real $100 bill most of the time, they still will not throw them away. People tend to try and prank their spouses, friends, family, or other people with them.

But sooner or later it will fall into the right hands and someone will call the number on the back of the card even if it is just out of curiosity. But it gives you an opportunity to promote either your business or products. Here is where you can buy them!

  • Here Are Some Examples You Could Use!

More Ways To Generate Leads For Business Partners

Ok, let us say your network marketing business has a bunch of different products to offer, such as Vitamins, or Supplements, Shampoos, or Weightloss Products. You could make out a list of all the Health Food Stores, Vitamin Shops, Hair Salons, and Gyms in your area and go and talk to the owners.

Maybe you have some products they may be interested in selling in their places of business if you offer something they do not have in their store already.

You could also do a google search in your state for all of the different companies that you could call and talk to over the phone.

Here is one other tip I will share about finding network marketing business partners. Go to your local Library or Book Stores. Go to the sections of books about how to start Home Based Businesses, Motivational Books like Zig Ziglar, and Napoleon Hill and put one of your business cards, drop cards, or your opportunity in those type of books. People who read these types of books are entrepreneurial-minded people who are looking to start their own business.


How To Get The Customer-Based Part Of Your Business Started

The one way to get your customers started is how I mentioned in the paragraph above about the Vitamin Shops, and Hair Salons, etc. These prospects could go either way. They could decide to join your business or purchase products from you to sell in their already established business.

  • This Section And The Next Is Where Most Newbies In Network Marketing Get It Wrong! You Guessed It! Family And Friends!

Let me explain to you the correct way to approach family and friends. First off, make a list of everyone you know Personal Phone Contacts, Email Lists, Facebook Friends, Friends, and Family. Again after you make your list, I want you to separate them into two different categories Customers and Potential Business Partners.

We will deal with the latter in the next section about generating free leads for your business. The perfect way to introduce your warm market to your product or service is a letter asking for a referral, followed up by a phone call. I will give you a sample script you could use.

Only send out about ten letters a week with a product brochure in it because you need to follow up with these people in 3 or 4 days.


Hello aunt _______,

The purpose of this letter is to let you know that I have started a new business working from home. I am really excited about the company I am working with.

Name Of Your Company_________ Name Of Your Website_________

I will be able to help those we care about with things like (Whatever it is your product does.) _______,

I need a favor, can you help me out?

Please read over the enclosed brochure and then pass it along to someone who you feel can benefit from these unique ________ products, etc. I am sure they will appreciate it, as will I.

I appreciate any help and support you can give me.

I will give you a call in a couple of days to find out who received the brochure from you.

Thanks once again for Your Help!


KEEP THIS IN MIND when you call back, SUBCONSCIOUSLY you hope THEY HAVE NOT passed your brochure on to anyone yet, I will explain why below.


Hello, aunt _______ this is _______ I just wanted to call and make sure you received the letter I sent you a couple of days ago and see who you have passed my brochure along too?


99% of the time, they will say something like, Yes, I got it, but I have not given the brochure to anyone yet. —-your response—- NO PROBLEM! Who were you going to give it too?


They will usually say something like my brother, sister, friend, or a co-worker, etc. —-your response—-

Can you do me a favor?


Could you pass that brochure along to someone else, and I will mail one to your brother, sister, friend, co-worker, etc. Could you give me their address?


Now, Do you understand what has just happened? You now have an opportunity to send a brochure to a great prospect of someone who could benefit from your products or services. A potential customer! Plus, your aunt might pass along the brochure she has to someone else, or she might decide to order something for herself.

  • OK, let’s move on to the next section on generating FREE LEADS for your network marketing business.

Generating Free Leads For Your Business

Mostly so far, I have been talking about generating leads for business partners except for the previous section on friends and family. All of the ways I have mentioned so far do require an advertising budget for ads, stamps, and brochures. But the title of this post is How To Get Free Leads In Network Marketing.

Here is where the second part of the list from above comes into play about family and friends. And this is one of the ways to generate Free leads for your network marketing business. All this will cost you is time and picking up the phone to make calls.

  • Here Is An Example Of A Phone Call Script For The People You Know Who Might Be Potential Business Partners!

Hello, aunt _______ this is _______ I just wanted to call and see if you could do me a favor, Can you help me out?


I have just started a new business working from home that I am really excited about, and I am looking for a couple of people with leadership and management abilities, and I naturally thought of you.

I have no idea if you would personally be interested in joining me, but I know you know the right kind of people. I need you to watch a couple of short videos for me and tell me who you know that I should talk to, can you do that for me?


80% will say yes because most Families and Friends want to Support You and Help You Out if they can. The other 20% might ask something like, what is it? Or is this network marketing?


You say all of that is covered; in the short videos. When do you want me to send you the links, and when do you think you could watch them?

  • Follow Up Phone Script After A Few Days Has Gone Bye!

Hello, aunt _______ this is _______ I just wanted to give you a quick call to follow up and see if you had a chance to watch the videos and to ask who you thought of.

If they say they have not had a chance to watch them yet.

You say NO Problem! I am sure you have been busy, so, I will check back with you in a few days.

If they say they have watched them. Always ask, if you were going to do this business, who would be the first person you would talk too?


Who would be the second?


Who else do you know I should contact?

If they show interest in your business opportunity, ask them what questions do you need for me to answer before we get you started today.

  • ALWAYS REMEMBER! IT’S NOT ABOUT WHO YOU KNOW! IT’S ABOUT WHO THEY KNOW! Because they know people, you don’t!

Here Are A Few Other Ways To Generate Leads 100% Free!

Anytime you are out about in town and happen to stop at a convenience store or gas station, look around inside the store for business cards. Most stores have a board where other people put their business cards to advertise so, make it a habit to start collecting them when you’re out somewhere. I already discussed what to do with business cards from the fishbowl technique up above.

You can simply just talk to people! I run into people all the time at the grocery store, gas station, dollar stores, or Wal-mart, who I haven’t seen in years, and they always ask, what have you been doing? This allows you the opportunity to tell them all about your network marketing business and products.

You can still pick up a phone book and try cold calling.

My Final Opinion About Network (MLM) Marketing.

In my honest opinion, yes, you can make money with some MLM companies if you do the work and don’t mind chasing after new people all the time, and also helping the people you recruit.

I have been involved with several network marketing companies over the years and made some money but never enough for me to quit my full-time job. Network (MLM) Marketing is not for everyone.

But then I learned about Affiliate Marketing and how to build a website that I own where I can write reviews and promote any company or products I choose. If you would like to learn Affiliate Marketing, come and join me and check out my #1 recommendation try it out for free for the first 7 days.

Should You Ever Buy Leads

I am going to wrap up this post with the statement that, in my opinion, you should never have to buy leads. I think that with all of the information I have given you already, you should never run out of people to talk to. Keep in mind everyone you do speak to try and get a couple more leads out of them.


I hope you have enjoyed reading this article about How To Get Free Leads In Network Marketing. We covered a lot of information, and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below, and I will do my best to be of service and give you an honest answer.

Sincerely Dale – Prospering with CBD

Dale Odom


  1.  The caption picture is the most powerful message I’ve seen in a while. Residual income is worth whatever it takes to achieve. I quite enjoy reading your post and it talks more of getting leads for an offline business than online. My family and friends can’t help me with a thousand leads. Or maybe they can if I follow your advice.

    Thanks for Sharing

    • Hi Louis, thanks for the compliments and I am happy you enjoyed reading my article. Yes, residual income is worth fighting for and doing whatever it takes to accomplish it. Most people I talk to always seem to have a problem generating leads and that is what inspired me to write this post.

      Thanks for stopping by Louis!

      Sincerely Dale


  2. Thank you for these great tips on how to generate leads in network marketing. I think I can’t agree less with you that generating leads Is very essential in growing a business. In this part of the world, Newspaper Ads is very expensive so I will work on the social media ads because it is easy to setup and in my own opinion it is less expensive. 

    • Hi Clement, thanks for stopping by! I hope you found some useful tips out of my article. Yes generating leads is essential for any business. You can place some types of ads in places like Craigslist for free but not always. Newspaper ads can be expensive but that is why a person needs to set up an advertising budget for their business.

      I also run some social media ads but not really a lot. 

      I wish you the best Clement!

      Sincerely Dale


  3. I love how detailed this article is about the different ways to generate leads for your marketing. Well I have always used two major methods, and those are the social media marketing and the email marketing. They’ve worked well for me as I’ve generated lots of leads through these methods. 

    • Hi Dhayours, thanks for the compliment. I hope it gave you some useful ideas. It never hurts to learn as many ways as possible to get leads for your business. There is nothing wrong with doing social media or email marketing. I personally haven’t had much success with finding good quality leads on social media but I have found a few. A person has to work with whatever works for them best.

      Thanks again

      Sincerely Dale


  4. Hi Dale, thank you for a wonderful website. This page is most interesting and most helpful. You go into great detail of the workings of a marketing network. great work!

    • Hi Shaun, thank you for the compliment I really appreciate it very much. I tried to be as thorough as I could with the article and give people a lot of different ways to create leads for their Network Marketing Business. I hope you found some things you could use to generate leads for yourself.

      Thanks for stooping by and if I can be of service I am always happy to try and help others.

      Sincerely Dale

  5. Hey man, thanks for the article.  As a person who owns a business, I found the info very useful.  I’ve bought leads in the past, though worth it, I see your point.  There’s a lot more efficient and cost effective ways to go about it.  I’ve never thought of the fishbowl technique.  I’ll give it a try 

    • Hi Clay, you are very welcome! I am happy you found my article helpful. I am not saying buying leads is wrong because all advertising in a sense is buying leads. Most advertising for your business costs money one way or another.

      Clay, depending on what type of business you own the fishbowl technique can be useful. I would like to wish you continued success with your business.

      Sincerely Dale

      Prospering With CBD

  6. Thank you for sharing the example of the phone call scripts and letter scripts. I find network marketing too be very challenging. I always fail when it comes to getting leads and convince people to join me even though I do believe and love the products. However, it is just as simple as you say, we are human. Last night, I had a dinner with my husband friends, and guess what the pop up question was? What do you do now? Lol Great article will save it on my favorite. Thanks.

    • Hey Nuttanee, you’re very welcome, and I hope you find them useful. Network Marketing can be a challenge, but if you have a good product or service, you believe in and learn how to market your business the right way it can be a lot of fun as well and prosperous.

      It is true that most people in Network Marketing try to convince people to join in their business opportunity, but that is not the right way to do things.

      You need to learn how to sort through people because you are looking for the right people at the right time in their lives who are looking to make a change.

      Amateurs try to convince people to join their business while professionals sort and look for the right people because they know not everyone is a good fit for their company.

      If I can be of help or if you have any questions send me a message, and I will be happy to assist you if I can.

      Best Wishes!

      Sincerely Dale
      Prospering With CBD

  7. Hi Dale Odom, thanks for sharing this helpful guideline about this topic. Specially it is very important for me because I want to do this.The basis of network marketing is building networks of people who buy and sell products. It’s no wonder that the internet is the place to go to build a network marketing business.Thanks for sharing this informative article.               

    • Hi Md Moinul Islam, I hope you are doing well today sir. Md, you are very welcome, and I am glad I could be of service.

      Md, have you ever done Network Marketing before?

      If not, Keep this in mind! When you start a network marketing business, you need to launch it in the right way to set yourself up for success.

      I know most people when they join a network marketing business want to go out and try to convince all of there friends and family members to join with them. But that is not the right way to do things!

      When you try and convince people to join it turns them off, and it makes you look like you are desperate. Think about how you feel when someone tries to sell you on something. Listen to your self-talk. Do your walls not automatically go up?

      So you need to come from a Value Focused Attitude in helping people, not convincing people to join.

      I will give you an example!

      Let’s say you are in a network marketing company which is free to join and they give you a free website and offer ten different products for pets. One way you could promote your products is to find all of the pet stores in your area and provide them something of value.

      Example of what you could say to them.

      If I could show you a way to increase your bottom line for free without having to raise your overhead would you be interested in learning more?

      Most business minded people are going to say sure! Who doesn’t want to make more money without having to purchase more inventory?

      So now you can present them with your offer by showing them your product brochure for the products you can offer them. And explain to them how they can join your business for free and get there very own website just by signing up.

      Explain to them that when they send customers to their website, and when someone makes a purchase they will earn a commission for sending the company customers. And all of this can be accomplished without them having to buy any inventory and put in stock.

      Md, I hope this example makes sense to you and that I explained it well enough. You are offering them a solution to be able to have more products they can provide to there customers without having to purchase more inventory, and they can increase there bottom line in the process.

      Best wishes!

      Sincerely Dale

      Prospering With CBD

  8. It’s an amazing and lengthy post, but as from the start it flows well with well detailed information, personally after going through your post, I found that we have similar suggestions, I also would never think of creating them, they seem to consume alot of time and resources as at times you have to make call, wait for feedback and vary out the feedback before you make a good ahead, also I came to like the idea of the fishbowl leads, personally I think this can work out easily, as long as you safeguard the customers cards, I really appreciate having come across this post, as I have learnt something meaningful out of it, I believe to subscribe to your newsfeed to get more information from your posts, thank you.

    From Joy.

    • Hi Joy, It is a pleasure to meet you. LOL yes, the post is a lot longer than I intended, but I had a lot to say on the subject. I’m glad we have similar suggestions.

      The fishbowl technique works out pretty well if you are looking for other entrepreneurs and even if they are not the ones for your business, chances are they know of other like-minded people who might be.

      Joy, I am just starting with this site but having a newsletter is something I will look into adding so that people will get updates on any new posts.

      Best wishes to your success!

      Sincerely Dale

      Prospering With CBD

  9. Hi Dale:

    Wow wow wow.. This is a great example of an insightful article. The article is all-encompassing on the topic. Since a business can only survive if the business generates new leads on a daily basis, this article is of utmost importance to me. With the advent of the Internet, now new leads can also come directly and organically to one’s business website through blog contents, YouTube videos etc. Thank you for this insightful post.


    • Hi Tony, I appreciate your kind words. Yes, for any businesses growth they always need new leads. The internet has opened the door to generate leads from all around the globe.

      Social media marketing is something I have been trying to learn and get better at, but in my opinion, people should learn all aspects of generating leads for their business and not just one or two different ways.

      Tony, you are very welcome! I am happy you enjoyed my article, and I hope you found it helpful with some things you can put into use for your business.

      Best wishes!

      Sincerely Dale

      Prospering With CBD

  10. This article was well worth the read, some really ingenious approaches.  I’ve made use of some of these methods, already have the car magnets, done stickers even, and continue to work on social media, but the extensive use of physical media such as flyers, brochures and drop cards, are things I’ve neglected.

    Plus, now I know what “the fishbowl technique” is!

    Thanks very much for this, I’ll be back!

    • Hey Jon, thank you for the compliment. I personally use a combination of all of the techniques I mentioned in the article and a few others. We can all agree that if we want a successful business, we have to attract either potential customers or partners depending on what type of business you have.

      When a person decides to start a new business, they need to learn the right way to launch it so that they can begin to attract customers. You have to advertise and let people know that you are open for business or have just started a new business.

      Most people who start a New Network Marketing Business don’t Launch it in the right way. Instead, they go out and try to convince all of there friends and family to join them in there venture. And that is why most people fail when it comes to network marketing.

      When you Launch your business the right way, you are letting your family and friends know that you have just started a new business and that you would appreciate there help in helping you to advertise and spread the word.

      Jon, think about a new restaurant opening in your area. They advertise! “Grand Opening coming soon.” They send out brochures, coupons, put up signs, advertisements in newspapers letting people know they are opening for business. They Launch their business the right way.

      Jon, I am glad you could find something useful in my post. I would like to wish you success in all of your business ventures.

      Best wishes

      Sincerely Dale

      Prospering With CBD

  11. I love your techniques; they’re broad enough to really enable you to get Free Leads. The reality of the situation is that the best network marketers go through their life making friends and after that transform those friends into colleagues. They meet individuals by setting off to the gym and strike up a Conversation about exercise, keep in contact and When all is good, and well, they share their business thought, That’s really the best technique for me.

    • Thank you, Favour I appreciate the compliment! I agree with you that network marketing is about creating relationships and not just business partners or customers.

      I often try to convey to the people in my business that network marketing has little to do with the compensation plan, products, or services. It has everything to do with building people and relationships.

      If new people to network marketing would learn to approach people with a value-focused attitude instead of making it about themselves and how much money they can make they would be much more successful in this business model.

      I appreciate your comment Favour, and I totally understand where you are coming from so keep up the excellent work.

      Best wishes

      Sincerely Dale

      Prospering With CBD

  12. Great post and good info.

    The tips you give are easy to follow, but the majority of the people, including myself, would think this costs money 

    I was researching this for my online business, and it all leaded to pay a fee to get discovered. 

    Now about the training, also the same stuff, the majority of the training platforms are asking money, often by way too much than it deserves. 

    Anyway, I’m going to try the tips you give and see how it works for me. 

    Thanks a lot! 

    • Hi Emmanuel, thank you, sir!

      Most of the advertising I described will either cost you some money for the business card, product brochures, newspaper ads, and stuff like that but not that expensive.

      You can run some ads through places like Craigslist for free depending on the ad. I ran an ad on Craigslist for $8 for a month and ended up getting two people to join my business so I made my money back and then some.

      Emmanuel the free leads I mentioned where down towards the bottom of my article.

      Most of the training platforms you mention costs several hundreds of dollars and I don’t recommend them personally. You can find a lot of good mentors by just going to the library and reading books by people like Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill, etc. Or listening to podcast by Jim Rohn and Darren Daily.

      I plan on adding several free training posts on my website for people to use so check back often as I will be adding more content in future posts.

      Best wishes!

      Sincerely Dale

      Prospering With CBD

  13. Ohh that’s pretty good knowing numerous ways of generating leads for network marketing and it’s surprising to find quite so many like these. I think business cards and drop cards are very much good. In form of a short advert and it’s gonna capture so much attention when you drop it or advertise with it. Definitely I will break through with it as I use it.

    • Hey Kenechi, There are probably plenty of other ways to also advirtse your business but these are some of the ones I use. I am pleased you found something useful in my post. I wish you every success in all of your business ventures.

      Sincerely Dale

      Prospering With CBD

  14. Hey Dale,

    I truly enjoyed your post. This is the first time ever I am reading a detailed list of free marketing leads. 

    I am not sure if I read it somewhere but people put cards and ads in our mailboxes. I have used them some time to use their business.

    This blog is full of great free leads to ignite your business. The one I like very much is putting your cards inside a relevant book in the library. It is cool.

    I have stored the url and will use it as I move forward.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Anusuya, I am pleased you got something useful out of my article. You have to be careful putting your advertisements in someone’s mailbox I think it is against the law. I think you can tape your business cards or ads on the outside of the mailboxes.

      Thank you for the nice words I appreciate it very much. Some libraries have books on tape and even movies that I put my ads in and I go to the local bookstores and do the same. I also go to the local grocery store and in the section where they keep the magazines I put one of my product brochures with my website on it in the success and business magazines.

      Anusuya, please come back again anytime and if you ever have any questions please leave them in the comments section and I will do my best to answer them if I can.

      Best wishes!

      Sincerely Dale

      Prospering With CBD

  15. Dale, awesome post.
    I’ll be the first to admit that I tend to neglect many of these tried and true methods of networking with clients and potential prospects. I am continually learning that patience and persistency in building your brand is the only method that is going to generate lifelong financial profits.
    I am going to incorporate your methods. You’re awesome!

    • Thank you, Ben!
      You are correct in saying that patience and persistence is the key to achieving financial freedom.

      Ben, I have had more fun and have gotten a greater response from people with the $100 bill drop cards than with any other form of advertising and they are relatively cheap.

      I will generally drive through a grocery store parking lot or Walmart and drop a few and then park somewhere and watch people pick them up. Sometimes I will get two or three calls while sitting there.

      Best wishes!
      Dale – Prospering With CBD

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